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2021/22 Final League Positions

The 2021/22 season has now ended and the final league positions are as above.

League Tables

Thanks to all teams for your participation this season, and I hope you all enjoyed the return to competitive volleyball.

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their leagues:

Winners Chester Chester Titans Everton Rhinos Knutsford (W)
Runners Up Wigan Seahawks (M) Wirral Rebels A Liverpool A Warrington (W)


Season Extension

Please note that the season has been extended this year to 31st May, to allow all teams to complete their fixtures.

Please make sure that all results / claims etc. have been submitted by this date to allow the final tables to be calculated.

Isle of Man Invitational Tournament

Hello, my name is Natalie and I’m the Secretary of Volleyball Isle of Man. 🙂 We will be hosting our first ever UK Invitational Tournament and we would like to invite you guys to take part!

It will be on May 21st, starting at 9:30am and ending about 5:30pm, with an entry fee of £30 per team. One court will be men’s matches and the other court will be women’s matches, and each team will be guaranteed three games. At the moment round trip flights to the island from Manchester or Liverpool are £45, and we can do our best to answer any travel/accommodation questions you may have 😁

We have spaces left in the men’s and women’s sides currently, so let us know if you guys would be interested. To confirm your spot you’ll need to pay the entry fee for each team, until that is paid we cannot guarantee a place but we would love to have you guys!

If you have any questions please let me know!



Volleyball on Radio Merseyside

Please see the link below for an interview between the BBC’s Steve Roberts and Geoff Ward from Wallasey VC, where they discuss the legacy of Brian Kendall and volleyball in general on Merseyside.

Radio Merseyside Interview
(Interview starts at around 28 mins)

Well done Geoff for a great interview!

Brian Kendall Tribute

A Celebration of a Life in Volleyball

One of English Volleyball’s founding fathers died on Monday 8th November. He was 82.

Brian gave so much to volleyball over the last 50+ years it’s hard to know where to start, let alone sum up his contribution. He was there from the very beginnings of volleyball on Merseyside in the late 60s, and very quickly got involved in administration, where, alongside legends of the game like George Bulman and Peter Hoare, he helped establish the Merseyside League, the English Schools Volleyball Association, and the basic structure of the EVA. He was primarily interested in junior volleyball and travelled the country in the early 70s with his wife and kids in tow (literally in a now mythical caravan) organising and running junior competitions. There are lots of grandmas and grandads out there today with fond memories of Brian’s endless banter and Joyce’s cups of tea.

Brian’s support for junior volleyball took him from chairing the EVA Schools and Junior commission to sitting on Competitions Commission. He also ran the National U15 cup for more than 30 years and was  deeply involved in some of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the English Volleyball Association.

Some Highlights


George Bulman (EVA CEO) managed to persuade the IVF that the EVA should host a round of the International Spring Cup. At the time EVA had seven paid staff. The event was staged in the newly converted Manchester International Arena. Brian and George pulled together a massive group of volunteers to deliver the event. Almost everyone involved in volleyball in the North West was drawn in – laying courts, acting as interpreters and chaperones, selling tickets, providing court managers and officials, scorers, ball-boys/girls etc. The biggest international teams of the time were involved including Cuba, China, Russia, and USA. I saw Marea Louis in the flesh; Russia invented the ‘opposite’ position and bamboozled the US with their slide hitting… Wonderful memories I owe to Brian.


Royal Bank of Scotland signed up to sponsor junior volleyball and Brian, as commissioner for schools and junior development came up with the inter-regional championships and Pontins junior  competitions. Brian persuaded the Regional Commission to adopt the Inter Regional Championships and launched the event at Telford Tennis Centre in 1981. The following year the competition moved to Birmingham Indoor Arena and attracted entries from all 10 English regions plus Wales. It was the biggest and highest profile volleyball event in the country, all achieved with a small amount of RBS sponsorship and an army of volunteers.


Initially held at both Southport (north) and Cambersands (south) the Pontins weekend tournaments were the highlight of the year for thousand of young volleyball players. Cambersands only lasted a few years but the Southport Festival ran from the 80s to 2014. RBS support petered out but Brian kept the competition going with his usual squad of volunteers and a lot of support from schools. In its heyday Pontins Southport was characterised by double-decker bus loads from schools in the North East and Midlands, mini-buses from schools all over the North West and Potteries, and occupancy of more than half of Pontins chalets. Many cherished volleyball memories are of July weekends spent at Pontins.


Building on his Schools and Junior commission role Brian ran the English Volleyball Association’s U15 championships with minimal help from the EVA or competitions commission (his choice) for more than 30 years. Juggling competing claims and geographical arguments while keeping everyone onside, persuading schools and clubs to host, negotiating free or very cheap venues for the last 8s among Birmingham’s universities and colleges, he managed the competition virtually single handedly and kept it going until ill-health forced him to give up in 2017.


Merseyside was one of the hotbeds of volleyball activity in England back the early 1970s. A few good coaches based in schools and colleges produced winning teams in national junior competitions (boys and girls). This developed into two division 1 NVL men’s teams and very strong representation in both men’s and women’s national teams. Brian did his bit by setting up the Merseyside Volleyball League in 1972. It was very successful, and in the early 80s boasted 13 divisions (men, women and mixed) and 5 cup competitions – bigger than NVL is now – all run by a man and a dog.

Despite all his other activities the MVL stayed close to his heart throughout his life and this year, 2021, was the first time he did not chair the AGM since the league’s inception. Like everything else it reflected his unique approach, essentially collaborative, and run entirely by volunteers – but there was never any doubt of who was in charge.

THE MAN (and his phone)

Brian ‘twinkled’, he was always amusing and full of stories, good company and fun to be around. He kept in touch with a massive number of friends and contacts, spending a huge amount of time on the phone, organising competitions and keeping everyone up to date with characteristic good humour. Brian was also a constant thorn in the side of Volleyball England’s management, arguing against centralisation and new management structures, railing against inexorable increases in staff numbers and the frittering away of the pre 2012 Sport England grant surge on ineffective ‘initiatives’ and management jollies, all against a background of declining overall participation, loss of interest amongst schools, and no improvement in playing standards.

He loved kids. From the start much of what he took on was driven by that motivation. He was still going into local secondary and primary schools to run coaching sessions even when he needed a walking aid – and still insisting that his interpretation of 4v4 for primary schools was the only way to do it. He was also always on hand to run local junior competitions – drop of a hat tournaments – in schools, between schools, for local authority competition organisers, on grass, on the beach…., a figure recognised and loved by huge numbers of Merseyside youngsters.

Brian was a prime example of an old fashioned breed, selfless, expecting neither financial reward nor overt honour/ praise, the ultimate can-do guy, not phased by anything and always able to deliver.

We will miss him.

Des Jeffers Tournament

Our curtain raiser early-season tournaments for Men and Women are being held at Woodchurch High School. The women’s tournament is on Sunday, October 31st and the men’s on Sunday, November 14th. Both will run from 12:00 until 5:00pm. Entry is £30 per team.

As things stand we have 10 women’s entries and 8 mens. I am awaiting confirmation from Isle of Man Men and Women who could add two extra teams. I’ve listed the entries in the table below. If your team isn’t on the list and you want to play please get back to me as soon as you can. Final date for payment for the women’s tournament October 23rd, final date for men’s November 6th.


Des Jeffers Entries
Club Des Jeffers Men Des Jeffers Women
Chester Chester Men  
Chester Titans   Amazons
Everton   Everton Rhinos
Fairfield Fairfield  
Frodsham Frodsham Frodsham
Hoylake   Hurricanes
Liverpool Liverpool A Liverpool A
  Liverpool U18 ? Liverpool B
Royals Royals  
Warrington Warrington Warrington
Wigan Seahawks   Seahawks
Wirral   Wirral A
    Wirral Juniors
Wirral Rebels Rebels A  
  Rebels B  
Isle of Man IoM Men IoM Women

Alan Bell

Secretary Merseyside League

Annual AGM & Fixture Meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 5th
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Alder Sports Club, Alder Road, Liverpool. L12 2AY

Information for Clubs
MVL website    
Acting Chair               Andrew Fuller. Tel 07931 791036, email <>
Secretary                    Alan Bell. Tel 07540 309932, email <>

League Entry
All teams that wish to play in the Merseyside League must attend this meeting to make their fixtures for the coming season. Entries should be made by completing the registration form under <INFO> on the MVL website.

Election of Officers at AGM
Unfortunately Brian Kendall is unable to continue as League Chair and Treasurer. The League urgently needs a new chair and treasurer and the opportunity has been taken to review the some of the other posts set out in our constitution. A list of the proposed new posts together with outline job descriptions has been sent in a separate email together with a call for nominations. In view of the short time available before the AGM a Special General Meeting of the existing committee agreed to waive the requirement for 21 days notice of nominations and to accept nominations submitted up to Tuesday, September 28th. Posts to be filled include Chair and Treasurer a Publicity and promotions officer and a Junior development officer. Please call me if you need more information.

Fees for 2021-22
We propose that annual fees should remain the same as in 2019-20 (to be confirmed at AGM). However, since the 2019/20 season had to be abandoned before the matches were completed in any division it has been decided to declare all the results void. Teams that participated in 2019/20 offered a discount on their 2021/22 entry and will be asked to pay £20 for their registration fee.

Normal team affiliation                      £35
Discounted fee                                  £20
New teams                                        £20
U18 teams                                         £20
Surety for new teams                        £15

These fees must be paid at the Fixture Meeting
If you require an invoice or wish to pay by bank transfer please contact me at least a week before the meeting.
Volleyball England Affiliation will be discussed at the AGM.

Could all teams (including new teams) reply by email at least two days before the meeting to indicate the division they would like to play in in the coming season – assuming we will continue to have two men’s and two women’s divisions – this will save time at the fixture meeting. Normal automatic promotion and relegation will be applied to the 2019-20 league tables but we recognise that post COVID some teams will wish to claim exceptional circumstances for this year’s league entry.

Des Jeffers Tournaments
The MVL runs men’s and women’s curtain raiser tournaments at the end of October/ early November to help get the season started.
Provisional dates (to avoid clashes with NVL)
Women :         Sunday, October 31 at Woodchurch Sports Centre
Men:               Sunday, November 14 at Woodchurch Sports Centre 

Dates, times etc. will be finalised before the Fixture Meeting. You should be prepared to confirm your entry and pay the entry fee of £20 at the Fixture Meeting.
These tournaments are on Sundays and have been held at Woodchurch Sports Centre for the last 5 years.
Let me know if you’d like to put forward an alternative venue – it must have two courts and be available on Sundays for at least 5 hours.

Alan Bell
Merseyside Volleyball League Secretary

Minutes of the meeting can be found under Info/League Info:
Meeting Minutes – Merseyside Volleyball League (

MVL Season 2021/22

I’m sure you will all be very pleased to learn that we plan to start the MVL league once again starting in October – assuming there is enough interest of course!

We are currently trying to organise the usual AGM and fixture meeting in the first week of October which all teams will be required to attend to make fixtures.
Details of this meeting will be communicated when confirmed.

However it would be good if we could get feedback from all teams that are interested in entering this year ASAP.  Could I therefore please ask clubs to complete the Team Registration form ASAP for each team you are interested in entering.
Team Registration

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything related to the new season, please don’t hesitate to contact Alan Bell:

H: 01244 671095
M: 07768 276935

Return to Volleyball

We don’t usually play outdoor volleyball at this time of year but the weather has been kind in April for the last few years and our players, like many of yours I’m sure, are very keen to get back to competitive volleyball. I am therefore circulating a proposal to canvass opinion among MVL clubs on setting up some organised outdoor activity, either in the form of men’s and women’s Sunday leagues or as one-off mini tournaments. We will need to have effective arrangements in place to cancel and rearrange to cope with ups and downs on the weather front so I suggest a formalised system of pitch inspections to be carried out by hosts in advance of matches. I think it will also be necessary for fixtures and rearrangements (using dates supplied in advance by clubs)  to be managed centrally to get the flexibility we will need,

Outdoor volleyball comes out of lockdown restrictions on March 29. Volleyball England issued some detailed guidance on managing the return last Saturday.

For full guidance click here

Covid19 Officer Job Description

Summarising briefly:

  • sessions can have up to 32 participants split between two courts
  • a COVID officer must be appointed to every session
  • a register must be kept for track and trace purpose
  • no spectators allowed
  • players bring their own food and drink – no sharing
  • social distancing should be maintained off court
  • ball wiping and hand sanitation required every 30 minutes
  • avoidance of face to face drills recommended
  • one official or coach per court.

Men’s and Women’s Leagues

  • held on Sundays, duration 3 hours starting between 11am and 2pm
  • played on grass courts as mini-tournaments
  • hosted by volunteer clubs
  • two outdoor courts
  • 5 teams per round
  • short game format – 2 sets to 25 or best of three to 15
  • off-court team referees on both courts


  • charge of £5 per team to go to hosts
  • hosts provide COVID officer for event
  • hosts responsible for providing outdoor courts and sending in results
  • hosts responsible for pitch inspection and confirming conditions playable at least 2 hours before start time
  • MVL organisers responsible for fixture programme – clubs can choose preferred dates when they sign up.
  • MVL organiser maintains and publishes results and weekly league tables online.

Stand-alone Mini Tournaments

  • Organisation and rules as above but with a final between winners and runners-up of each pool of five competition.


There are some outstanding question:

  1. would you like to sign up? – give team name
  2. could you offer to host?
  3. would you prefer to play 4 or 6 a side?
  4. would you prefer men’s and women’s Sunday leagues organised over 8 to 10 weeks or one-off mini tournaments?

Have you any additional comments or suggestions?

Alan Bell

Secretary Merseyside League

Covid19 – MVL Suspension

In line with the announcement today from Volleyball England, the MVL has taken the difficult decision to suspend all leagues from 9am on Tue 17th March.

VE Statement

As the impact of the coronavirus is likely worsen in the weeks ahead, this decision has been taken with the health and safety of players, their friends and families and the wider community in mind.  Although it seems unlikely that the leagues will be able to be restarted before the planned end of the season, a final decision will be taken in the next couple of weeks.

Although this will be disappointing for everyone concerned, I’m sure you can understand this decision.
Further details will follow as we have them.

MVL Committee