Twinned Clubs – 2017/18

It was agreed at the Annual Fixture Meeting that the following clubs were approved as “Twinned Clubs” for the 2017-18 Season.

Senior: FAIRFIELD O.G. (Men’s Div. 1)   &   Junior: WALLASEY F.O.B. (Men’s Div. 1)

Senior: LIVERPOOL (Men’s Div. 1)         &   Junior: LIVERPOOL JOHN MOORES. (Men’s Div. 2)

Senior: CHESTER (Men’s Div. 1)             &   Junior: CHESTER TITANS (Men’s Div. 2)

The amended relevant rule on “TWINNED CLUBS” states:

  1. 2 clubs may apply for the status of “Twinned Clubs” at the AFM.
  2. This rule is to enable clubs with a low number of Registered Players to “borrow” players from another club and use them, when short of players, as if they were members of the same club.
  3. Such “Twinned Clubs” must “Star” players in the higher team who may play only for the team for which they are starred.
  4. Rules “B. 6 to 10” should be followed also.

This means that, apart from the 4 “Starred Players” in the senior team, then the others can be used to play for the other team IN EMERGENCY ONLY, as if they were “A” & “B” teams in the same club.